Theater im Bahnhof – Sehr Brav
Mario Karner is a Filmmaker based in Austria.
Mario Karner, Videography, Photography, Filmproduktion, ?sterreich, Austria
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»Theater im Bahnhof« defines itself as a contemporary popular theater. The main topic is the study of Austrians identity.

The term »identity« requires ongoing negotiation, so the theater must constantly change.


Their slogan for the season 2018/19 is »sehr brav« so they want that people reflect what well behavior is.

To satisfy their social criticism attitude we developed a concept that shows some people on a table having a regular dinner.

What seems like a regular dinner finally ends in disaster.

Everything from the film was improvised by the actors.
They just had 3 plot-points that they had a direction to go.


enjoy & stay »sehr brav«


– direction & edit Marie Dokter
– camera Mario Karner
– music Alinda – No Morning in Space
– production manager & edit Elisabeth Hacker
– setting & edit Hana Vysloužilová
– edit Marie Dokter
– vfx Max Haditsch
– color grading Mario Karner / Max Haditsch
– music Paul Tyan – Jazz : Big Band : Swing (edited)


– Ed. Hauswirth
– Eva Hofer
– Jacob Bangian
– Juliette Eröd